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Every fall we visit the college our son is attending in Lynchburg, Va. It’s an opportunity to see what our sons life is like at the college and the highlight of the weekend is the Pumpkin Parade where the Seniors and Sophomores serenade each other in song. It’s an event Joe and I look forward to every year. 

Pumpkin Parade at Randolph College

Randolph College

We typically stay at the Residence Bed & Breakfast but this time we also had the pleasure of staying at the Federal Crest Inn. 

George and Joann are the owners of The Residence Bed & Breakfast. They are always very personable and cheerful, the rooms are clean, tastefully decorated and comfortable. As an added bonus, the B&B is located next to the college so everything is within walking distance. Breakfast is always a special treat where we enjoy conversing with other parents who have students attending the college as well. The Residence breakfast consisted of a Croissant with cream cheese and syrup, bacon and fruit. Choices of coffee, tea, orange or cranberry juice. Joann always puts on a really nice spread for breakfast and at checkout she sends us off with small bag of cookies. This time it was Snickerdoodles. 

The Residence B&B - Stuffed Croissant

The Residence Bed & Breakfast

The Residence Bed & Breakfast

The following night was our first time staying at The Federal Crest Inn. The Inn is owned by Ann and Phil who is a very pleasant and hospitable couple. Ann is an artist who has pieces of her art displayed throughout the house. Beautiful hand painted wine glasses amongst other things. The rooms in the house are equally tastefully decorated, clean and comfortable. Sunday morning at the Federal Crest we were served sliced fruit in yogurt with Muesli and a Cranberry muffin. This was followed by the best French toast I have ever had!!! served with bacon and a slice of cantaloupe. 

The Federal Crest Inn - Fruit in Yogurt and Cranberry muffin

The Federal Crest Inn - French Toast

The Federal Crest Inn

Saturday morning we were exploring Lynchburg’s Main Street area and came across this wonderful little market. They had seasonal veggies for sale outside and local arts and crafts, wine and baked products inside. Look at these delicious baked goods, too bad we just had breakfast. We picked up some local wine and I scored a really cute and comfortable knitted pink blouse from Pappy’s Knitting.  

Lorraine Bakery

Lorraine Bakery

Lynchburg Community Market

Miss Lynchburg Pumpkin

The local artists were a real pleasure to talk with and we will definitely stop by there again next time we’re in Lynchburg. And to top is all off Lynchburg had the perfect Harvest Moon, did you see it?

Harvest Moon

Source: My Danish Kitchen


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