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Ghost Pretzels

Halloween is almost here and I wanted to sneak in one more Halloween themed post. These Ghost Pretzels are fun and very easy to make and they bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. I brought these with me to my husbands Blacksmith demo in Driver, Virginia and they were all gobbled down by the hungry Blacksmiths.

Driver Days

Driver Days is a Fall festival in Suffolk, Virginia and it’s an event which I look forward to each year. Driver is a wonderful, quaint little town which manages to put on a great event every October. There’s good music, arts and crafts for sale, fun activities for the kids, a classic car show, cute Blacksmiths which smile at you (ok, so that’s my husband smiling at me) and lots of good food and baked goods.

Back to the Ghost Pretzels. Of couse there is no real recipe for making the Ghost Pretzels so I feel a little silly posting one. But that’s what foodies do, they photograph and post recipes for everything, so here goes.


1 bag of pretzel rods

14 oz bag of Vanilla flavored Candy Wafers (or white chocolate morsels)

edible ink marker


Melt white chocolate over a warm water bath or in the microwave. Pour melted chocolate into a tall thin glass and dip pretzel rods into chocolate. Place pretzel rods onto parchment paper or stand up in a cup to allow white chocolate to dry. Once chocolate has hardened draw faces using an edible ink marker (which can be found at local craft and baking stores as well as online).

Source: Savory Sweet Life, originally from PBS Parents

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