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Smørrebrød with egg and tomato

Smørrebrød with egg and tomato

Here is a piece of smørrebrød (classic Danish open-faced sandwich) which I think is perfect for this time of year, Spring! It’s made with egg and tomato, my two favorite sandwich ingredients, but also with salad shrimp, cucumber and lumpfish caviar. This is so perfect for a beautiful spring day, eaten in the warm sun and enjoyed it with an ice cold beer (or your other favorite beverage). If you need a recipe to make your own Rugbrød (Rye bread), I have one with a sour dough starter and one without sour dough.


Making Smørrebrød with egg and tomato

Smørrebrød with Egg and Tomato (1 piece)


1 piece of rye bread

butter, optional

boston lettuce

1 hard-boiled egg, sliced

salad shrimp, drained and patted a little dry


1 small tomato

cucumber, sliced

lumpfish caviar


Butter bread, if desired. Layer bread with lettuce, egg slices and shrimp. Add a generous amount of mayonnaise. Top with tomatoes and cucumber. Garnish with caviar. Enjoy with an ice cold beer.

Source: slightly adapted from danishsandwich.com

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